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Neoxid ceramic powders manufactured by spray
drying and sintering show enhanced deposition
efficiency over conventional powders meaning
valuable savings in process time and off-spray
cleaning. More consistent melting improves coating
homogeneity and better performing coatings can
thus be achieved.
  Our strength is in being able to supply powders
that are best suited to our customers’ applications.
A new development is the introduction of nano-
composite powders which yield enhanced coating
properties, thereby enabling new applications.
Powders formulated with nanosized precursors
generate coatings with better mechanical and
chemical performance.
  Through our network of companies and research
facilities we can provide a wider range of services
from materials development to thermal spray
diagnostics and process optimisation.

When ultimate corrosion resistance is demanded
our sealants for thermally sprayed coatings will
provide the solution. A high penetration depth and
excellent chemical resistance are the key factors
for successful corrosion prevention using sealants.
Our sealants have been developed for different
application procedures and coating materials.
  Typical NEOXID POWDERS for thermal spraying
   Powder   Composition wt %
Neoxid C101   Cr2O3    99 +
Neoxid C102   Cr2O3 - SiO2 - TiO2    92 - 5 - 3
Neoxid C103   Cr2O3 - TiO2    95 - 5
Neoxid C104   Cr2O3 - TiO2    50 - 50
Neoxid T101   TiO2    99 +
Neoxid A101   Al2O3    99 +
Neoxid A102   Al2O3 - ZrO2 - SiO2    52 - 38 - 10
Neoxid A103   Al2O3 - TiO2    87 - 13
Neoxid X   Your composition    As requested

  Examples of MDS IMPREGNABLE SEALANTS for thermally sprayed coatings
   Grade   Description Application
MDS-210   2K, HT curing    Oxide coatings, solvent free
MDS-220   2K, RT curing    Oxide and metal coatings
MDS-230   2K, RT curing    Carbide coatings, solvent free
MDS-240   2K, RT curing    Carbide coatings
MDS-250   1K, RT curing    All coatings