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With unique Avalon sol-gel coatings you can
modify and protect your surfaces by
combining organic and inorganic chemistry
at a molecular level. The Avalon product
family offers protective coatings for easy-to-
clean hygienic and antimicrobial applications,
as well as corrosion and scratch resistant
  Avalon products offer a range of coating
and curing procedures, enabling components
of widely varying sizes and shapes to be
treated easily on-site or as part of integrated
production. Avalon coatings exceed the
performance of conventional coatings and
can be used in numerous industrial
applications including electronics,
construction, paper and pulp, marine and
automotive sectors.
  Typical materials that can be treated include
stainless steel, glass, ceramics and plastics.
Avalon coatings are either invisible or slightly
tone the surface appearance. Different
functionalities can be built into the coatings
to meet individual needs. Thickness of Avalon
coatings range from 100 nm to 20 Ám
depending on chemistry and required

 Surface property Avalon series Applications
Water and oil repellent coatings Avalon 20
Avalon 30
Avalon 90
  Easy-to-clean coatings for metal, glass, ceramics and stone
  Impregnants and sealants for porous materials eg. wood, ceramics
  and textiles
  Easy-to-clean coatings for metal substrates and indoor applications
Hygienic and antibacterial
Avalon 20
Avalon 80
Avalon 90
  Invisible, easy-to-clean and antibacterial coatings for metal, glass
  and ceramics
  Easy-to-clean and antibacterial coatings for submerged applications
  Hygienic coatings for metallic surfaces and indoor applications
Impregnants and sealants Avalon 30   Protective coatings for porous materials including wood, ceramics
  and textiles
Primers Avalon 50   Adhesion promoters and protective layers
Paint and lacquer additives Avalon 70   For improving cleanability and mechanical properties
Corrosion protective coatings Avalon 20
Avalon 50
Avalon 80
  Thin, repellent coatings
  Protective primers
  Corrosion and oxidation resistant coatings
Scratch resistant coatings Avalon 40
Avalon 60
Avalon 90
  UV-curable hard coatings for plastics
  Hard coatings for metal surfaces
  Easy-to-clean hard coatings for metals