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With exceptional Dyrel resins you can create
easy-to-clean, wear-resistant and anti-
microbial coatings for numerous industrial
applications. Highly modified Dyrel coating
resins offer many advantages over
conventional non-stick coatings: easy
processing, flexible curing procedures and
high wear resistance.
  High temperature resistance together
with excellent chemical durability are
additional benefit of Dyrel coatings. Various
application methods and curing procedures
are available. Dyrel coatings are typically
20 - 2000 Ám thick depending on the
   Grade   Description Typical application
D3000   2K, RT curing   Low friction, high wear resistance. Marine and underwater
  applications. Various colours.
D3500   1K, RT curing, clear   Medium friction, high wear resistance.
  Easy-to-clean applications. UV curable.
D7000   1K, HT curing, clear   Low friction, excellent wear resistance, temperature
  resistance up to 180°C. FDA applicable.
D8000   2K, HT curing   Low friction, excellent wear resistance. Process industry
F100   2K, RT curing   Easy-to-clean, high wear resistance. Process industry
  applications. Antibacterial and antifouling applications.
F200   2K, RT curing   Easy-to-clean and antibacterial applications.
F700   2K, HT curing   Easy-to-clean and antibacterial applications. Process industry
  applications up to 180°C.
F800   1K, HT curing   Easy-to-clean and antibacterial applications up to 180°C.
  FDA applicable.